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What is this about?

Our workshops for adults are crafted by a Master Trainer to meet your desired outcomes. We leverage experiential education techniques to foster greater connection and understanding between people. We use a carefully sequenced series of activities to help teams of all sizes and ages achieve their goal while allowing each participant to engage within their own comfort levels.

Who is this for?

Custom workshops are ideal for:

  • Corporations seeking to improve employee performance.

  • Sports teams looking for deeper cooperation and coordination.

  • Organizations addressing specific problems such as REDI or internal conflict.

  • Remote working employees to connect with colleagues and restore morale.

How does it work?

When Google undertook Project Aristotle to find out what makes an effective team, they concluded that what really mattered was less about WHO is on the team, and more about HOW the team worked together. Furthermore the number one factor was "psychological safety"; an individual’s perception of the consequences of taking an interpersonal risk or a belief that a team is safe for risk taking in the face of being seen as ignorant, incompetent, negative, or disruptive.


In a team with high psychological safety, teammates feel safe to take risks around their team members. They feel confident that no one on the team will embarrass or punish anyone else for admitting a mistake, asking a question, or offering a new idea.

This principle applies to people of all ages and in any setting, not just corporate offices. Our Master Trainers understand stages of group development and sequence each workshop to allow participants to get to know each other, then get to trust each other before setting challenges that test relationships and interpersonal behavior, all within that safe space needed for people to be their authentic selves.

Let's Talk Details

Q: How long are the workshops?

A: We can start to develop genuine connection with a 3-hour workshop, but to be really effective a series of three to four sessions are needed to allow a team to bond deeply, develop trust and create the safe space demanded for real psychological safety.

Q: We are under COVID restrictions and working remotely, is this still possible?

A: Yes. Our workshops have been successfully adapted for virtual platforms such as Zoom, Meet and Teams. The same outcomes can be achieved as in-person programming using breakout rooms, digital white boards and other connectivity tools. Some activities are also performed offline to challenge groups to be innovative in their collaboration.

Q: We can meet in person but have to maintain physical distancing, will this still work?

A: Yes. We bring all the materials needed, individually packaged for each participant so nothing needs to be shared. Everything is returned and sanitized after use. We'll even work the need to wear a mask into some activities!

Q: How many people can attend?

A: Both our in-person and virtual workshops are most effective for groups of 10 to 20 people who can commit to consistent participation. Fewer than 10 is possible though variety of interaction is lessened. If a group is too large then voices can get lost. Our Master Trainers can advise what is possible.

Q: How is this different from regular team-building programs?

A: Leveraging experiential learning pedagogies, together with carefully sequenced activities allows participants in our workshops to get to know each other, then start to trust each other before setting challenges that test relationships and interpersonal behavior, all within that safe space needed for people to be their authentic selves.

Getting Started

We build each Custom Workshop to ensure maximum impact for you and your organization. Please use our contact form below and our program director will respond quickly to answer your questions, understand your objectives, assign you a Master Trainer, and craft the right program for your needs.

Custom Workshop Inquiry

Thanks for Inquiring!

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