Miles for Meaning is an epic charity challenge hosted by Kilter Rewards that lasts the entire month of March. Teams of 100 people complete to accumulate the most points by running, cycling and walking while recording their workouts into popular fitness apps. The Kilter app then collects all this data into a massive leader board. The charity team with the most points at midnight on March 31, 2022 wins the first prize of a $30,000 donation.

The best part... there is no cost to you, except giving of your hustle!

A team from Dylan's Wings of Change won the first M4M event in 2021, and we are recruiting amazing humans to repeat that feat this year. Follow the step by step instructions below to join up today! If you use Facebook, join our group using the button below to share the inspiration and celebration!

1. Download the Kilter app from your app store and create a free account


2. Join the Miles for Meaning 2022 Event

Click on the EVENTS icon in the bottom left corner. Click on Explore in the top bar. Find the SECOND ANNUAL MILES FOR MEANING event and join it.


3. Find the teams from Dylan's Wings of Change and join.

Go into the Miles for Meaning event, Click JOIN CHALLENGE.


Scroll down the list of teams and find the section with Dylan's Wings of Change. We have more than one team, select Dylan's Wings of Change Team 4.


You should receive a message that you have joined the team, as so.


4. Connect Your Fitness app to Kilter before March 1.

Click on the PROFILE Tab in the bottom right. Scroll down and click CONNECT DEVICES. Select your preferred tracker. Only connect ONE tracker. Do a workout and check your points appear. If you have any problems email customer support at