After Dylan was murdered in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, I founded the Wingman Program to foster greater empathy in society to counter the extreme levels of social isolation plaguing our youth today.

Recent studies show that 70% of teens today see "anxiety and depression" as a major problem in peers (Pew). 79% of teens wish there was an inclusive environment or safe space for people in school to talk about mental health (Harris Poll).

Now, with a pandemic on top of this crisis, enhanced emotional support is a necessity for everyone. There are many SEL programs available, but nothing quite like Wingman.

Ian Hockley

Founder, Wingman

Wingman - A Movement of students and educators - 25,000 strong and growing!

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Experiential Learning based SEL

Works on Zoom and Google Meet too!

  • Effective programming from K through 12th grade

  • Fun and engaging activities, not worksheets

  • Two hours online self-paced training included

  • 20 activities, most 15-20 minutes long

  • Wingman Master Trainer support throughout

  • Complements other SEL programs and resources

  • Activities work equally well with adult groups!

A Wingman Inspires Empathy, Courage and Hope, everywhere.

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Become a Wingman Educator Today

Enroll ALL educators, coaches and instructors at your school/ studio/ gym/ club for a one time fee. Please fill out the form below to inquire.

A Wingman Goes Above and Beyond for Others!

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Get ready to bring SEL alive!

Wingman combines effective experiential learning techniques and the fun of adventure education to create the SEL program that kids get excited about month after month, whether you're teaching in your physical or virtual classroom.

Your training includes (among others) video tutorials on the Experiential cycle, Sequencing and Comfort Zones, and the Stages of Group Development. Enhance your skills as an Educator by exploring how you can use these techniques in your day to day teaching.

Completion of the course puts the activities at your fingertips, with adaptations for physical distancing and virtual settings. The careful sequencing embedded in Wingman will create that empathetic environment your students need at this critical time.

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