Our Impact

The Butterfly Effect: When many small changes accumulate and create massive impact. The flapping of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world.

By fostering the Wingman Movement, Dylan's Wings of Change will counter the epidemic of social isolation and exclusion that is plaguing communities across the world. By inspiring young people to be the empathetic leaders of the future, we will re-connect people to their essential humanity.


25 Certified Wingman Trainers.

2,000 Wingman Youth Leaders.

25,000 youth participating in Wingman activities.

>350 Organizations in the League of Wingman.

500 athletes Running for Dylan.

Over 7,000 donors and supporters

Financial Information

Dylan's Wings of Change invested $500K in the development and launch of Wingman, incredibly efficient for the start of a worldwide movement.

Our fundraising expense ratio has halved since 2016 and is forecast to be under 10% for FY2019/20.


The foundation uses a fiscal sponsor to provide strong governance and oversight while keep costs to a minimum.

Dylan's Wings of Change is fiscally sponsored by the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, a 501c3 registered public charity based in Newtown, CT

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