WINGMAN Goes to Space!

Did you know that it is only 100km (62mi)  to Space from Earth?

The Wingman Movement wants to encourage you and your classmates to join us in this challenge. As a school/studio, how many times can you get to Space and back in one week?

Our focus is on community, getting together to complete this challenge. Anyone can take part including staff, parents, family and friends; everyone's distance will be combined together for a grand total.

The challenge is open now and should be completed by December 11th.


This may be a challenge you complete in PE, a warm up for dance class, on your own at home or with some friends on screens. Keep track of your miles/ steps as you run, walk, skip, or even hop your way to Space.

Want to go Above and Beyond and earn Swag? Run a fundraiser for Wingman!


Register using our simple google form HERE


Recruit a committee of students and staff to lead the event.


Find some ideas to maximize your distances below


Submit this form with the total distance at the end of the week.

Ideas How to Complete the Challenge

  • Phys. Ed. Teachers use classes in the challenge week to run, skip or walk.

  • Sports clubs can contribute if they can record their distance.

  • Warm up laps of the dance studio before class starts.

  • Staff and parents can participate and contribute toward the total.

Share Your Results

  • At the end of the week, use this FORM to submit the total distance achieved and number of participants.

  • Post on Social Media, #WingmanGoesToSpace.

Fundraise for Wingman for Extra Swag!

  • Create a Double Good fundraiser to benefit the Wingman program, the easiest and tastiest way to raise money!

  • Earn Extra Swag - commemorative stickers and wristbands for all.

  • Schools - use money raised to fund future Wingman programming.

  • Write to us: for details.