When COVID-19 shut down huge parts of the world it removed social structures for millions of kids. As we head into an uncertain future, Wingman has been adapted to work effectively in both virtual and 'present-but-physically-distant' environments, and to be either adult or youth led according to the restrictions in place where you are.

Kids and adults need social and emotional support MORE THAN EVER right now and Wingman provides organizations of all sizes with the opportunity for meaningful connections and important conversations to foster empathy, courage and hope.

Society is faced with the twin perils of social isolation and ever-declining behavioral standards. There is an urgent need and responsibility to instill the universal values of compassion, empathy and inclusion in our children.

Today the majority of youth development occurs outside the home; at school, and during recreational and social activities, including social media interactions. These environments inherently contain the risk of significant negative influences.

Wingman is a experiential learning based SEL program designed to embed lasting positive qualities in participants, building stronger and more resilient communities.


Wingman is available for schools grades K-12 and has been adopted by more than 50 schools across the Northeast to bring a truly meaningful leadership opportunity to their community, offering students a new and exciting challenge.


Adult-led program designed for use in classrooms, performing arts or youth sports organization. Content adapted for both virtual and in-person scenarios.

Concise, self-paced training videos to get you started quickly.

Wingman Educator

Youth leaders trained to become the facilitators of Wingman activities, with adult ‘Champions’ in support role.

2-day intensive training program delivered by Certified Wingman Trainers at your organization.

Youth Leadership

Adults become the certified Wingman Trainers for your organization, firmly embedding a sustainable program.

Four-day workshop exploring the Wingman pedagogy and developing facilitation skills led by Master Trainers.

Train the Trainer


Middle School Wingman Leader, NJ

“I feel like a better person than I was two days ago, and I’m so glad that I was part of Wingman. Wingman was the first program I’ve seen that teaches us all the things it has in a fun way. So many other programs I’ve tried to convey a similar message at school, but through lecture, making it practically useless. Wingman has actually been fun, hands on, and makes me want to continue, which is what makes it a movement, not a program!” 

8th Grade Student, NJ

“For me, Wingman has been an experience I’ll probably never forget. With our world in this state, we often forget to see the bright side. Wingman IS a bright side. It’s a solution. It’s a refuge. And it can really help a lot of people.” 

High School Wingman Leader, CT

I feel like I’ve grown as a person. I realize I can continue a movement of empathy and kindness and I now know I can change the world with this."

Middle School Wingman Leader, CT

“I feel like I’ve grown as a person. I realize I can continue a movement of empathy and kindness and I now know I can change the world with this. I feel very happy, yet sad the training is over. But I can’t wait to lead and spread kindness to other students and teach other students how to spread positivity” 


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