Wingman is not just for kids. The same perils they are facing - social isolation and declining behavioral standards - are impacting adults across the country and are amplified by the COVID-19 precautions. The knock-on impacts to businesses include reduced customer service, poorer quality standards and higher staff turnover, all of which directly hit your bottom line.


Firmly grounded in Experiential Education principles, Wingman is effective at forging new connections and strengthening existing relationships. Staff development is no longer that annual chore, it’s a differentiator from your competitors and a means to keep your teams together while apart.



Team-bonding and Trust-building with a difference. Highly engaging activities with a strong focus on reflection and connection.


A message of transforming tragedy into positive change, how we all need a Wingman. This will not just be a webinar or group meeting! Participants will engage and interact with each other.

  •     Core Values 

  •     Gratitude

  •     Empathy 

  •     Resilience

  •     Challenge Mindset 

  •     Positive Decision-Making

Wingman will foster:




Customer facing staff, factory and office workers through to C-level executives. Cross functional or brand new teams. Groups that have worked together for years in need of reconnection now they are forced to work remotely.



This Two Hour workshop will address the twin topics arising from the COVID-19 precautions -  “Sharing Space Together” and “From Fear To Courage” with activities to address specific concerns from the participants, and allow space for issues to arise organically. Attendees will work in pairs, small groups and as a whole team to explore this new normal. We utilize the Zoom video conference platform, and participants are just required to bring blank paper and a black marker.



Use our Contact Form below and a Program Director will quickly arrange a conference call to answer all your questions and begin planning your Wingman Culture Workshop.



“(Wingman) was a truly remarkable experience. As an educator in my 14th year, I have attended various training sessions and workshops in my life. This was honestly the most beautiful, engaging and inspiring day of my life. I will never forget this”.


Dylan's Wings of Change is fiscally sponsored by the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, a 501c3 registered public charity based in Newtown, CT

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