Wingman Master Trainers guide your entire community -- teachers, coaches, directors, assistants, staff, teens and parents -- through inspiring team-bonding/trust-building activities forging deeper community connections. 

Youth leaders are mentored to take over role-modeling leadership based:  

  • Core Values 

  • Gratitude

  • Empathy 

  • Resilience

  • Challenge Mindset 

  • Positive Decision-Making



Today was a day not easy to explain in words.  3DCA was the first studio to participate in the Youth Leadership Online Experience.  This morning, Jessica Michaels led our teens through engaging activities that helped them learn empathy and inclusion towards others and began to develop them as leaders.  We had fun together.  We cried together.  We learned together.  We all started to understand each other a little more and began to learn how we can better the world and the people around us.  This day will not only change these kids... but is sure to start a butterfly effect of love that will spread for generations to come. 🦋

This afternoon, our Parents and Staff had the opportunity to learn about Wingman from both Jessica Michaels and Ian Hockley.  They were able to connect and engage with each other in a way like never before during this Wingman Parent Champion and Mentor training.  They learned about Wingman and why it is so important to our studio and the world.  They also learned about each other and how their role is so important in helping their dancers be successful inside and outside of the studio.

I cannot thank Jessica and Ian enough for this program.  It is changing the dance community and the communities as a whole around us!! And I’m so thankful to have it here at 3DCA!!

And if you are a dance studio owner... YOU NEED TO LOOK INTO DOING THIS FOR YOUR KIDS AND FAMILIES.  It’s worth the time!! It’s worth the money!! It’s worth the effort!!  What we were able to experience today truly is what is needed to change the world!! 💜💚💙


What To Expect:

Designed as a one-day certification workshop, the Wingman Youth Leadership Experience is for teens, staff and parents involved with your club, organization or community. 


Expect lots of silliness and laughter. Maybe some tears of deep discovery. A full heart. A whole new connected community. Launch the next generation of leaders into your community. 


The Wingman Youth Leadership Experience Certification includes: 

  • A 6 hour Teen Workshop

  • A 2 hour staff and parent workshop

  • Youth Leadership Experience Manual

  • Team-building activity kit with all props & materials ($275 retail value)

  • Teen Leaders receive butterfly pins & t-shirts (up to $150 retail value)

  • All teen attendees receive Youth Leadership Experience Level I Certificates

*with scholarship opportunities at Level IV

Who Should Attend: 

  • All teens aged 13-18 years of age. 

  • All adult influencers in teen participant's life who are also involved in team community (i.e., all teachers, coaches, directors, parents, etc). 



Parent, Clarion, PA

“Amazing program & I am glad to be a part of this studio!”

Parent, Monroe, CT

“This was inspiring and uplifting. I am so proud to be a part of this movement. I love what it stands for: positivity, inclusion, rising up to be your best self.” 

Parent, Monroe, CT

“We, as parents, need this as much as our dancers. Much of our dance week is rushed & crazy and we may not always ooze positivity when we walk in the door.” 

Teen, Clarion, PA

“I feel like I have learned so much, like how to be a leader and how to be a role model. And I hope that being an assistant this year will help me. I want to be a great person. If someone is struggling, I will help them and help them be welcome.” 

Teen, Clarion, PA

“I feel that this is an amazing opportunity that I got to experience. It made me see things in a different perspective. I’ve expressed my feelings and I feel great about it. The questions that were asked were so inspiring and made me happy to be here in this moment.” 

Teen, Clarion, PA

“I feel inspired to be extra ambitions, confident, hardworking, helpful, outgoing & a great role model to the littles. I loved being able to get to know these girls better, also.” 


To ensure quality and consistency Wingman Youth Leadership Experience events for 2020 are limited.

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