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Two days after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School where Dylan was killed, a Memorial Fund was created to receive the hundreds of donations that were been sent to honor his memory. In May of 2013 the Fund received 501(c)(3) charitable status by merging into the New Venture Fund, a fiscal sponsor organization based on Washington, D.C.

The newly formed foundation was named Dylan's Wings of Change, inspired by his parents eulogy at his celebration of life. The first mission of the foundation was to support children with autism and related conditions, making grants to support small organizations that could not easily raise money.

In 2015 the foundation founded Wingman, a youth-led social and emotional learning program for all children to experience. Initially launched in schools, the program expanded to extra-curricular organizations in sports and dance as well as being used for professional development for adults.

In 2020 Dylan's Wings of Change partnered with The Friendship Journey from Florida to create Wings of Friendship, a social program for people with disabilities that expanded into a full fledged 8 week summer experience, inspired by the documentary Crip Camp.

Read more about our mission, people, and Dylan through the links below.


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We are a small but mighty organization of expert facilitators


Presenters to energize and motivate your organization


Learn about the 6-year old boy who inspires our mission and programs


We at Dylan’s Wings of Change stand with the Black community and communities of color against violence, oppression and racism. We are deeply troubled by the horrific deaths of far too many black men and women and trans individuals in the past weeks, months and years. It is unacceptable. Systemic racism of every kind has to stop.


As individuals, and as an organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of all humans, we are taking the time to listen and learn, to determine how we will do even more to be a force for positive change in the world.


We are as committed as ever to our vision – that a world headed up by empathetic leaders will act for the good of humanity. 


We must support one another, stand in solidarity with one another and speak up for justice and equality.

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