Dylan's Wings of Change delivers against its mission through its programs. We founded the Wingman Youth Leadership program in 2015, starting with 3 schools enrolled. Each year the program grew until by 2020 it was reaching over 50 schools and was used by more than 200 dance studios and sports clubs.


When the COVID pandemic began raging across the US, all programming was put on hold. We responded by creating Wingman Educator to enable teachers, instructors and coaches to deliver the same outcomes that the youth led program had achieved.


The pandemic also inspired us to create Camp Wings of Friendship with our Florida based partner The Friendship Journey; a unique year-round virtual experience for people of all abilities.

As the world continues to adapt to the new normal, we have expanded our programs again to offer Custom Workshops with content tailored to an organizations specific needs and delivered either in-person or online as conditions demand.


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Trained youth leaders bringing experiential activities to peers


Online self-paced training for teachers, instructors and coaches


Adult programs for team building and personal development