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Let's change the world

"It's truly a feel-good, self-growth program that had real, radiating impact for the wellbeing of our whole school; not just the students who took part."

We harness the impact of experiential-based learning amongst peers and colleagues, to bring engaging workshops that nurture social and emotional development; shape good leaders; and inspire empathy, courage and hope in your community.


Positive impact for everyone

We have developed over 20 unique and adaptable Wingman Activities that foster true engagement.

Wingman Programs

have been actioned in over 60 School Districts and Organizations.

Program Selection.

Which of our programs would fit your organization's needs best? Once we know your goals, we work to tailor each program structure on an individual bases for maximum effect. 

All of our programs reinforce our Guiding Principles

and core mission of inspiring empathy and positive change.

Need help selecting? Get in touch and we'd be happy to guide you.

All of our programs reinforce our Guiding Principles and core mission of inspiring empathy and positive change.

All Ages

Wingman Experiences

Custom-built experiential workshops for small groups;  inspiring change in your community. 

Staff are trained as Wingman Trainers and empowered to run our Workshops in their organization.

Wingman Train The Trainer


We train your staff to implement and lead experiential activities in your organization.

Wingman Facilitator Training


Empower youths and train them to become Wingman facilitators in their community.

Student Leader Training

Older Youths

What Sets Us Apart?

Humans learn best when their whole selves are engaged; physically, mentally and emotionally. We follow the experiential approach to learning, effective for performance improvement and personal development. Each one of our 20+ Wingman activities fosters high levels of connection and full engagement. ​The open-ended nature ensures no scripted or fake outcomes, rather you get authentic human interaction in a safe space.



  • It is our intention never to refuse programming because of financial challenges. ​Our foundation, Dylan's Wings Of Change, actively seeks grassroots donations to cover our operating costs so we can offer our Wingman programming for the lowest possible fees. You'll find a summary of associated costs under each program overview, listed above.

    If a district or organization would struggle to pay directly, funding options include:​​

    • Running a fundraiser. We can help guide you - just reach out.

    • Apply for a training grant from Dylan's Wings of Change. Mention this when using the inquiry. Applications are reviewed by our Advisory Board.

  •  We can start to develop genuine connection with a 3-hour workshop, but to be really effective a series of three to four sessions are needed to allow a team to bond deeply, develop trust and create the safe space demanded for real psychological safety. For more specific time-lines, check each programs duration or reach out to us directly.

  • Both our in-person and virtual workshops are most effective for groups of 10 to 20 people who can commit to consistent participation. Fewer than 10 is possible though variety of interaction is lessened. If a group is too large then voices can get lost. Our Master Trainers can advise what is possible.

  • We offer 4 main programs; The Wingman Experience is an overall introduction to our mission, with an emphasis on social and emotional development and building empathy. Our other programs actively train participants to become facilitators (Student Leader Training & Experience Facilitator Training) or certified leaders of Wingman initiatives ( Train The Trainer). 

    Your program selection largely depends on the type of organization you are (School? Corporate Workplace? Community Team?); The age of the individuals you'd like to take part; And your goal. Once we know the basics, we assign you a Master Trainer, and craft the right program for your needs: Workshops and activities are selected to ensure maximum impact for you and your organization. 

Q + A's

Our first focus in our programs is always to to create a safe space for participants.  We carefully sequence activities to allow participants to get to know each other and build bonds; developing a sense of trust and psychological safety. It's in this safe space that people can be their authentic selves and engage at their own pace. We are able to have real conversations and real experiences to test the limits of our comfort zones and bring about change.

Creating a

Safe Space.

As a program wraps up, our skilled trainers lead a focused reflection, which embeds the experience and learning. The time allows participants to work through their takeaways and share their experience collectively. As a group, we discuss what changes we'd like to make for our community and future and how we can actively achieve them.



Dylan’s Wings Of Change is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to the memory of Dylan Hockley, one of the first grade victims of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

The Wingman Movement was

founded by Dylan’s Wings Of Change.

Help keep our Wingman programs 
accessible to all.

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Dylan's Wings of Change is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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