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Dylan's Wings of Change fulfills its mission through its programs. We founded the Wingman Youth Leadership program in 2015, starting with 3 schools enrolled. Each year the program grew and in 2020 it was used in more 50 schools for social & emotional learning and school climate transformation.

The pandemic also inspired us to create Camp Wings of Friendship with our Florida based partner The Friendship Journey; a unique year-round virtual experience for people of all abilities. Read more on their website.

As the world continues to adapt to the pandemic, we are excited to return to in-person programming, adapted to keep everyone safe. We have further expanded our programs again to offer Experience Workshops for both children and adults, with content tailored to an organizations specific needs. Through 2023 we welcome more schools to the Movement and by the end of the year Wingman Youth Leadership was active in 55 schools across 28 districts in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.


Click on the photos below to explore our programs and find out how to get started or contact us.

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Trained Youth Leaders bringing experiential activities to their peers



Customized programs for Team Building and Personal Development

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