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Wingman Train the Trainer

Staff are trained as Wingman Trainers. They are then empowered to run our Wingman Student Leader Training or Experience Workshops in their organization.

Staff Leaders will attend a four-day training session (28 hours total) enabling them to lead the 2-day Student Leader training and Experience workshops.


During the training, we focus first on cultivating a group dynamic of support using Wingman activities, and then deep dive into Experiential Education pedagogies and the how and why behind what makes Wingman special. (It's the kids. Without their input, we would not be where we are today, nor will we be able to pivot for the students of tomorrow.) The participants then practice and receive feedback on their facilitation skills.


A bonus from this training is that educators can integrate these new pedagogies into their daily curriculum. An annual Program Fee is payable for ongoing Trainer support and curriculum updates and is set according to the number of schools participating within each district.




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Training Levels

All new Trainers attend Level One in their first year and a Refresher in their second year.

In their third year, Trainers can choose to attend an annual Refresher to maintain their certification for another year, or take the Level Two intensive to better understand the content and their facilitation style. Level Two will certify them for 3 years.

Level 1 is focused on helping participants to understand Experiential Education pedagogies and how to run Wingman programming (on their own). 


Participants will become well versed in Wingman activities & pedagogy. Facilitation skills will be demonstrated in both roles, as a facilitator and participant. 

Wingman Trainer

Level One.

Four days (28 hours)

10 to 20 participants.

$2,000 per participant, plus annual support fee.

In Level 2 we focus on the facilitator. We take time to flex our trainers skill sets by encouraging them to create and imagine what can be in their programming. 


This is an overnight retreat-style program. We include lodging in the fee structure because the expectation is that everyone will be able to focus on the content and the learning environment. Participants will delve into deeper skills again in both role of Facilitator and Participant. We feel that it is critical to be able to experience and understand both roles so that  you can be more empathetic in approach. After this training, Trainers will be certified for 3 years after which they will come back to a refresher.

Wingman Trainer

Level Two.

Retreat style Two days (14 hours) includes an overnight

10 to 20 participants.

$1,500 per participant, plus annual support fee.

Two days (14 hours)

10 to 20 participants.

$1,000 per participant, plus annual support fee.

The Refresher is designed to focus on both the program roll out by asking how did it go, and the facilitator by asking what do you need? 


We address needs to be identified in the previous year and cater the learning to support those directly. Participants will learn new activities as participants and then we discuss how to apply them for their participant populations. 

Wingman Trainer Refresher.

All of our programs reinforce our guiding principles and our core mission of inspiring empathy and positive change. The programs are realized through workshops consisting of mindfully-sequenced activities, led by Certified Wingman Trainers and tailored to the age and needs of the group and your organization's goals. 

Custom-built experiential workshops, led by certified

Wingman Trainers.

Dylan’s Wings Of Change is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to the memory of Dylan Hockley, one of the first grade victims of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

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